Our Story

Who would have thought that water could be bad for your skin? Our founder Harparam S. Sandhu conducted an extensive amount of research before realizing that your traditional water bottle could have negative effects on the skin surrounding your lips. His discovery made him realize that the widespread usage of traditional water bottles was becoming a problem. In fact, more and more people were visiting doctor's offices with the symptoms his research had observed. That's when Harparam contacted his colleagues in the skin industry to discuss a solution.

With Skin H20's revolutionary water bottle design, we hope to educate the general public on the harmful effects caused by the traditional water bottle and empower them to "change the way they drink".

Our Commitment

Skin H20 is committed to your skin's health. Our mission is to educate Americans about the negative effects of highly-commercialized water bottles. We want to empower those who are concerned with their skin's health to change their daily drinking routine.

Our commitment goes far beyond the development of Skin H20. In fact, our founders take pride in pursuing the research surrounding Water's/Smoker's lips effect and in supporting causes aimed at your skin's health such as the Skin Cancer Foundation. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter page to see how you can help!

Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter page to see how you can help!

The Research

Come back and check this page frequently. We will make sure to keep you up to date on the research surrounding Water's/Smoker's lips effect . Also, please don't hesitate to send us your questions. We will have our team of skin professionals answer your questions and concerns.

Email us at: questions@skinH20.com.

Did You Know?

Sleep refreshes body and mind but also helps replenish your skin.